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French Cinema Now

Extraordinary new films, special guests, and parties! | Oct 23-30

French Cinema Now

Two Days, One Night | Opening Night Film and Party | Oct 23

SIFF Cinema

Boyhood | Oct 24-30

French Cinema Now

Girlhood | Oct 24

French Cinema Now

Aunt Hilda! | Oct 25

SIFF Education

Cinema Dissection | Children of Men | Oct 25

French Cinema Now

Life is a Bed of Roses | Oct 25

French Cinema Now

To Life | Oct 27

Recent Raves

Love is Strange | Oct 27

French Cinema Now

The Last Diamond | Actress Bérénice Bejo in attendance | Oct 28

French Cinema Now

Jacky in the Kingdom of Women | Guests in Attendance | Oct 28

French Cinema Now

An Evening with Michel Hazanavicius and Bérénice Bejo | Oct 29

Midnight Adrenaline

The Rocky Horror Picture Show | Oct 31

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Belgium's Official Oscar submission from the legendary Dardenne brothers. Never afraid to tackle difficult subject matter, this time around the celebrated Belgian filmmakers take on the European economic crisis. Two Days, One Night tells the story of Sandra (Marion Cotillard), a working-class mother who loses her job, but who has a fighting chance — and one weekend — to get it back.

Paramahansa Yogananda is considered the “Father of Yoga in the West,” having brought the ancient practice to America in the 1920s. His lasting impact comes alive through archival footage and the words of seekers, philosophers, and enthusiasts.


October 24

Oppressed by her family setting, dead-end school prospects, and the boys in the neighborhood, Marieme starts a new life after meeting a group of 3 free-spirited girls. 

Actor Michel Hazanavicius scheduled to attend

In the People’s Democratic Republic of Bubunne, it's the women who are in power, who give the orders and who fight the wars, while the men wear veils and look after the home. 

Join us for a spectacular evening with French cinema and Academy Award® Winning luminaries Michel Hazanavicius and Bérénice Bejo.

Don't dream it, be it. Celebrate Halloween with the ultimate in camp, horror, sex, and costumed insanity as you join Frank-N-Furter, Brad, Janet, Rocky, Riff Raff, and the rest at the ultimate affair! With live shadow casting by Vicarious Theatre Company and interactive goodie bags of props available for purchase.