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Gleason: Centerpiece Gala

Centerpiece Gala | June 4 | Film: SIFF Cinema Egyptian | Party: D.A.R. Rainier Chapter House

Director Clay Tweel delivers a bold and moving portrait of beloved New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason, who at age 34 was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease and courageously filmed his journey for the public eye. 

The sister of South African anti-apartheid freedom fighter Ashley Kriel, who was shot and killed by police at age 20, reflects on how he became a symbol of youth resistance in the 1980s.

In a campaign to unseat president Abdoulaye Wade, three young Senegalese rappers began a protest movement called "We Are Fed Up," taking their message across Dakar to spread a message of freedom and emphasizing the importance of voting through their rap music.

A genial and lighthearted affair, in which a New York-based Jewish-Argentinian man returns to the Once district of Buenos Aires for Purim, reconnecting with his father, his faith, his native community, and his heart.