Featured Films

Packed with action and romance, Bonifacio is a stirringly dramatic telling of the story of Filipino nationalist Andres Bonifacio, who led a revolution against Spanish colonial rule in the late 1800s. Director Enzo Williams scheduled to attend.

Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, appears in and is one of the executive producers of this uplifting and inspirational account of former rival gang members of Los Angeles on a shared mission to stop the cycle of violence in their communities that roped them in so long ago. Pete Carroll and director James Lipetzky scheduled to attend.

Based on true events, this incredible examination of crime and justice follows a young Argentinean farmhand butcher exploited to a murderous breaking point. A delicate expose of unscrupulous practices in the meat industry and society’s corruption and labor exploitation. Director Sebastian Schindel scheduled to attend.

The first of director Barry Levinson's Baltimore films, Diner joins a circle of high school pals, now in their twenties, who reunite at the end of 1959 in their eponymous hangout spot. This semi-autobiographical film features lengthy, naturalistic improvisation from a stunning before-they-were-famous cast. A Q&A with Kevin Bacon follows the screening.

One of the biggest hits of the ’80s, and the film the rocketed Kevin Bacon to superstardom, follows big-city teen Ren, who moves to the small Midwestern town of Beaumont and discovers that a fearful community has made dancing an illegal activity. But Ren can't control himself—he's got to cut Footloose. With special introduction by Kevin Bacon in person!

Take a wheelie-popping wild ride through the larger-than-life story of iconic daredevil Evel Knievel, a young rebel from Butte, Montana who became, as Johnny Carson said, "the only man in history who has become very wealthy by trying to kill himself." Wear a helmet. Director Daniel Junge scheduled to attend.