Featured Films

It’s been over ten years since Krisha has seen her family—including her own son. But now she’s turning over a new leaf, and the holidays seem like the first appropriate step, yet as the house gets packed with family members, Krisha begins to unravel. A stunning performance by the remarkable Ms. Fairchild. Director Trey Shults and actor Krisha Fairchild scheduled to attend.

Joining forces with activists, photographers, and scientists, Oscar®-winning documentarian Louie Psihoyos (The Cove, 2009) explores the deadly impact humans have on more than half of the world’s species. This exceptional documentary dramatically brings the realities of extinction in a startlingly urgent call to action. Director Louie Psihoyos and co-producer Gina Papabeis scheduled to attend.

Cliff Curtis (Whale Rider) gives a stunning and inspirational performance as New Zealand legend Genesis Potini, a bipolar speed chess champion who helps turn around the lives of some 15,000 Maori children by teaching them the intricacies the game. Actor Cliff Curtis scheduled to attend.

How far will you go for the truth? A Ukrainian survivor of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster discovers a dark (tap tap tap) secret connected to a massive radio grid erected near the nuclear reactor. He must decide whether to risk his life by revealing his secret in this documentary that will bring out the conspiracy theorist in everyone. "He might be Don Quixote and he might be Edward Snowden... and before the end you may very well believe him." -- Film School Rejects. Director Chad Gracia scheduled to attend.

Film really can change the world, as proven in 1980s Romania, where a black-market business of re-dubbed VHS tapes of blockbuster Hollywood films—ranging from Chuck Norris actioners to Spielberg classics—sparked a revolution that went from the couches to the streets. Director Ilinca Calugareanu scheduled to attend. Selected as a Pick by four SIFF Programmers!