Featured Films

Meet Iraqi ex-chemical engineer, Mr. Rafid Ahmed Alwan, or as the CIA call him, “Curveball.” Interviewed by German filmmaker, Matthias Bittner, Alwan relates how he devised a story about truckloads of portable chemical weapons that may have brought false cause for the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. Director Matthias Bittner scheduled to attend.

The injustices of the educational system are brought to light in this emotionally powerful story of students with learning disabilities who are all grouped together in a class that infuriatingly focuses on having them earn the right to rejoin their more ‘normal’ peers. Producer Natasha Mokritskaya scheduled to attend.

In this charming and understated mash-up of magic realism and superhero drama, a quiet drifter finds normalcy with a construction job and a friendly woman. Everything is thrown into jeopardy when his unique powers are discovered in this wonderfully strange tale. Director Thomas Salvador scheduled to attend.

A thrilling documentary about Carl Boenish, an aerial cinematographer and pioneer of the extreme sport of BASE jumping, Sunshine Superman catapults us head-first into his turbulent life through breathtaking archival video and interviews. Director Marah Strauch scheduled to attend.

A young boy nicknamed Banana because of his fruit-shaped foot wants to get the girl of his dreams. Basing his philosophy on soccer, he sees himself as a bold player while others see him as weird and awkward in this charming debut film. Director Andrea Jublin scheduled to attend.

A father and son attempt to establish a relationship after being forced to move into an old family cabin following a tragedy that left them homeless. They soon realize that making a connection isn’t their biggest problem when a tribe of angry Sasquatch come out from the forest to claim their turf. Director John Portanova, producer Jeremy Berg, and producer Matt Medisch scheduled to attend.

A man at a vulnerable time in his life meets a woman claiming to be his cousin, a revelation that leads to long-lost relatives and a secret that tore their two families apart. Director Justin Lerner, writer Katharine O'Brien, and producer Lacey Leavitt scheduled to attend.

Based on true events, this incredible examination of crime and justice follows a young Argentinean farmhand butcher exploited to a murderous breaking point. A delicate expose of unscrupulous practices in the meat industry and society’s corruption and labor exploitation. Director Sebastian Schindel scheduled to attend.