Featured Films

Opera and theatre lovers will delight in this behind-the-scenes documentary on the Verona Arena during the weeks leading up to a modern-day production of Verdi’s “Aida.” This film celebrates composer Giuseppe Verdi’s bicentennial birthday and honors the arena’s breathtaking architecture. Producer Agnese Fontana scheduled to attend.

A poignant semi-documentary on senior love and marital life, featuring the director’s real grandparents, that examines the closeness of the couple throughout their daily routines, charming squabbles, and often heartrending observations on life. Director Hermes Paralluelo scheduled to attend.

Edoardo has girls on the mind 24/7. He wouldn’t mind losing his virginity, except he suffers from a condition that makes the skin around his penis extremely painful when touched. Good thing he’s willing to try anything to fix it in this coming-of-age delight. Director Duccio Chiarini scheduled to attend.

Taking its title from the French idiom for orgasm, “la petite mort,” writer-director Josh Lawson’s daring sex comedy explores the secret desires and fetishes of five couples in suburban Sydney. Director Josh Lawson scheduled to attend.

Frustrated with America’s outdated educational system that has been in place since the Industrial Revolution and is failing students across the country, documentarian Greg Whiteley (New York Doll) trains his cameras on High Tech High, an unconventional school that emphasizes exploration, collaboration, and examination over standardized testing. Director Greg Whiteley scheduled to attend.