SIFF Cinema

Director Jan Hřebejk (Honeymoon, Kawasaki’s Rose) brings his trademark satirical bent to this explosive comedy set in a small-town pub, where a kidnapped bride, a rebellious bridesmaid, and a female bartender come together for a nose-thumbing, hard-drinking bender.

Egyptian | Midnight Adrenaline
Barbara Crampton takes on vengeful spirits in this terrifying tribute to Italian horror. In the cold, wintery fields of New England, a lonely old house wakes up every thirty years - and demands a sacrifice. "Pure, unqualified carnage... A wall-shaking bloodbath!" - Meredith Borders, Badass Digest

In this touching and comic look at taking chances late in life and having the last laugh, a retired clown returns to his hometown of Prague and reunites with the other members of his estranged trio. Can these aging clowns reconcile their differences and rediscover their past friendship in time for the final performance?

Opening Night Presentaion with director Jiří Mádl in person! An 11-year-old receives a camera for his birthday and, with dreams of becoming the next Miloš Forman, decides to secretly make a movie about his father. In the process, he finds out more about himself and the world around him than he ever imagined.