Decision to Leave: Global One-Night Event

Decision to Leave

South Korea | 2022 | 168 min. (Film:139 min. + Q&A 29 min.) | Park Chan-wook

February 13, 2023

Park Chan-wook’s critically acclaimed Decision to Leave will return to cinemas for one night only, accompanied by a new pre-recorded conversation between Park Chan-wook and Academy Award-winner Bong Joon Ho (Parasite), exclusive to cinemas.

What happens when an object of suspicion becomes a case of obsession?

Winner of Cannes Best Director in 2022, Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, The Handmaiden) returns with a seductive romantic thriller that takes his renowned stylistic flair to dizzying new heights. When detective Hae-joon (Park Hae-il) arrives at a murder scene, he begins to suspect the dead man’s wife Seo-rae (Tang Wei) may know more than she initially lets on. But as he digs deeper into the investigation, Hae-joon finds himself trapped in a web of deception and desire, proving that the darkest mysteries lurk inside the human heart.

  • Director: Park Chan-wook
  • Principal Cast: Tang Wei, Park Hae-il, Go Kyung-Pyo, Teo Yoo
  • Country: South Korea
  • Year: 2022
  • Running Time: 168 min. (Film:139 min. + Q&A 29 min.)
  • Producer: Park Chan-wook, Go Dae-suk
  • Screenplay: Park Chan-wook, Seo-kyeong Jeong
  • Cinematographers: Ji-yong Kim
  • Editors: Sang-beom Kim
  • Awards: Official Oscar Submission 2023 (Best International Feature)
  • Filmography: Oldboy (2003), The Handmaiden (2016)
  • Language: Korean, Chinese
  • US Distributor: Variance
  • International Sales: CJ ENM