SIFF serves the community by offering our cinemas for film premieres, special events, and other programs on a rental basis.

Established in 2016, the SIFFsupports program opens SIFF venues as host spaces, and provides marketing and technical assistance to SIFFsupports partners. SIFF collaborates with Pacific Northwest-based filmmakers, artists, and nonprofit organizations, as well as a diverse group of community-based film festivals, elevating SIFF’s mission of creating experiences that bring people together around film.

Providing benefits such as discounted rental rates, ticketing and box office services, marketing support, co-branding, and cinema technical support, the program partners with nearly 100 individuals and organizations annually, offering $150,000 in rental discounts, and attracts over 28,000 attendees to SIFFsupports programs. These partnerships allow SIFF to strengthen our film community, intentionally growing the space for diverse voices, perspectives, and audiences.

"We feel right at home hosting our festival at SIFF venues! The SIFFsupports program makes hosting a multi-day event financially viable for small nonprofits like NFFTY, and the staff always welcomes us as a part of the Seattle cinema family."
- Ryan Saunders, Managing Director of NFFTY

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