Opportunities to partner with the largest film festival in the U.S., SIFF's variety of educational offerings, and year-round programming at three SIFF Cinema venues.

Whether you want to make a big splash at our annual Seattle International Film Festival, or create a year-round impact with SIFF Cinema or SIFF Education, we would be happy to tailor a customized sponsorship proposal designed to meet your marketing objectives and budget!

Each year, SIFF welcomes a unique, intimate community of brands that share the values of creativity and experimentation. Reaching more than 300,000 people annually with the Seattle International Film Festival, SIFF Cinema, and SIFF Education, we strive to create experiences that bring people together to discover extraordinary films from all over the world! As a leading nonprofit arts organization, SIFF has built many successful corporate, community, and institutional partnerships over the course of our 45-year history.

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For a customized sponsorship proposal, contact:

Rick Baker
Corporate Partnerships Manager

Nathaniel Porter
Community Partnerships Manager