Seattle International Film Festival Archives

50 years of surprising cinema

As we celebrate the 50th Seattle International Film Festival in 2024, we look back on all the extraordinary years of fresh, unconventional, and exciting films we've had the honor to present.

Since fall 2022, we've been working on a special archives project—sifting through boxes upon boxes of physical items and digital files galore (in various formats of yore). Thanks to grant funding from 4Culture’s Heritage Collections Care program, we were able to contract an archivist to help set us up with a preservation plan and fund the cost of digitizing nearly 50 years of Seattle International Film Festival catalogs.

Starting May 1, our archives will be available here to the public. You’ll find interactive flipbooks of catalogs, photo and video assets, full lists of feature films that have played throughout our history, and other highlights. 

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The SIFF Film Archive is made possible thanks to a grant from 4Culture’s Heritage Collections Care Program.