Post Alley Film Festival

Post Alley Film Festival

470 min.

March 30, 2024

A day of woman-centric & eccentric short films from around the block & around the world. Diverse film stories by women for everyone.

SIFF year-round passes and vouchers are not valid for this event.

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Post Alley Film Festival: a day of woman-centric & eccentric short films from around the block and around the world; diverse film stories by women for everyone. You’ll be treated to 30 short films in various thematic groups: Beginnings/Endings, Woman’s World, Family Ties, Mothers&Daughters, Coming of Age, Docs Rock, and A Lighter Side. There’s a break for lunch, Q&A’s, a reception after the screenings, a silent auction and raffle during the fest. Your ticket helps us secure the future of PAFF and provide a venue for women’s work.

10:00am - Doors open
10:30am - Seating & welcome by Virginia Bogert, PAFF Founder/Director
10:40am - Beginning/Endings
11:40am - Woman’s World
1:10pm - Lunch Break
2:15pm - Family Ties
3:15pm - Mothers & Daughters
4:25pm - Coming of Age
5:45pm - Docs Rock
6:25pm - The Lighter Side
7:15-9:00pm - Reception

PAFF is sponsored by Laughing Dog Pictures, and Women in Film Seattle, a 501(c)3 corporation. Since 1990.

  • Running Time: 470 min.

Lineup & Schedule:


Cuando te Vas (When You Leave)

Drama, US | 14:20
Director/Writer/Producer Isabel Montes
Language: English, Spanish. Subtitles: English

Seattle Premiere

Camilla visits her sweet, cranky grandma and learns a lot about life and loss.


Drama, Iran, 2023 | 15:00
Director Aida Tebianian, Producer Juliette Viaux
Language: Persian. Subtitles: English

International award winner, 30 international festivals. US Premiere

If she is to save her father’s life, Sharmin must make a choice of conscience.


(subject matter: suicide)
Drama/Dark Comedy, US, 2023 | 15:00
Language: English
Director/Producer Megan Brotherton, Writers: Sarah Rodenbaugh, Dayna Schaaf, Sascha Alexandre
Producers: Sarah Rodenbaugh, Kelsey Goldberg, Alexander Billet, Kate Fogarty

A widow works through the complexities of grief with the help of friends, strangers, and Tupperware.

Multi-award winner, Seattle Premiere. Q&A Megan Brotherton, Kevin Schlanser


Dark Comedy, US, 2023 | 7:50
Director/Writer Julie Sharbutt, Producer Whitney
Wolanin (Full woman crew ☺ ) Language: English

Sleazy phone scammer pits wits against an elder.

PNW Premiere


Made of Flesh (Poupees de Chair)

Dramedy, France, 2023 | 7:50
Director/Writers Florence Rochat, Serena Robin
Producers Jonathan Hazan, Laurent Denis
Language: French. Subtitles: English

An automobile designer takes a job as a Car Show hostess to get a leg up.

PNW Premiere


Drama, UK 2023 | 15:30
Director/Writer Coral Knights, Producer Lily Ashton
Language: English

Finding herself at loose ends, Rose goes out for the evening.

Six international film festival screenings. North American Premiere

Jackie and Marilyn

Drama, US 2023 | 15:00
Director/Writer Hollin Haley, Producer: Clark Mathis
Cast: Alisha Soper, Haley Ramm
Language: English

A secret meeting between Marilyn and Jackie reveals more about two women than about a
national scandal.

PNW Premiere


Drama, US 2023 | 20:00
Director/Writer/Producer Aloura Melissa Charles
Producer: Jessica Mathews
Language: English

A trafficking victim escapes her captors and finds refuge in the basement of a new mother’s home.

Cal Film Fest, Qualifier for Independent Shorts Awards. PNW Premiere

Above the Desert with No Name

Drama, US, 2023| 16:20
Director/Producer Sonia Sebastian
Writer/Producer Heather Older, Producer Maarten Cornelis
Language: English/Spanish. Subtitles: English

A Mexican family braves crossing the border.

LA Shorts International Festival, New Filmmakers. Academy of Arts & Sciences: Latinx,
Audience Award Catalyst Film Festival, Mystic Film Festival: Best Photography. Seattle Premiere. Q&A Heather Older, Shannon Fuller

1:10 PM - LUNCH BREAK (1 hour)

Poppy Pop

Animation, US, 2023 | 1:00
Animator Olive Juge, student at New Orleans
Center for the Creative Arts
Language: English.
Two bats talk about bugs.


Blood Ties

Drama/mystery, Canada, 2023 | 10:06
Director/Writer Emma Campbell
Language: English

The lead detective returns with his brother Drew to the scene of Drew’s wife’s murder.

US Premiere. Q&A Emma Campbell, Benoit LaMarche


Drama, US, 2023 | 10:00
Director Debra Pralle, Writer Kristin Steward
Producer Derek E. Johnson
Language: English

An aging ex-hockey player teaches a lesson about the love of sport and family.

AFMX (Albuquerque film music expo), Seattle Film Summit, Poulsbo Film Festival. Q&A Debra Pralle, Derek Johnson


Drama, Germany, 2023 | 15:38
Director Maja Costa
Language: English, Italian. Subtitles: English

Alya and her father cross the sea in search of safety. Years later, “The road to the moon,” guides her.

Screened at 41 International Festivals. PNW Premiere

Woman Without a Child

(sexual content)
Comedy, Spain 2019 | 15:00
Director/Writer Eva Salz López, Producers: Diego Saniz, Manuel Martinez Manrique
Language: Spanish. Subtitles: English

A lonely lady takes in a boarder. 

West Coast US Premiere


The Two Lives of Sepideh

Drama, Iran, 2023 | 15:38
Director /Writer/Producer Soha Niasti
Producer: Benoit Lamarche
Language: Persian. Subtitles: English

Confronting years of wrongs, Sepideh visits her estranged mother who has advanced Alzheimers.

US, North American Premiere


Drama, France, 2023 | 17:09
Director Flora Djien, Writer Lea Jeanne Boehringer
Producer Juliette Viaux Peccate
Language: French. Subtitles: English

Resentments erupt between a mother, daughter, and the surrogate child the mother cares for.

PNW Premiere


Drama, US, 2023 | 10:10
Director/Writer/Producer Alexa May
Producers: Brittney Hutchison, Alexa Derryberry
All woman team ☺

A teen is left alone for a week to care for her younger sister.

Hollywood Shortsfest, Rhode Island Film Festival. PNW Premiere

Call Me Mommy

Comedy, Australia, 2023 | 13:09
Director/Writer Haley Alea Erikson, Director Taylor Washington, Producers: Brea Grant, Ed Dougherty, David Tenczar, Brittany Reeber
Language: English

A pedantic mother-to-be hires a young woman to role-play her child-to-be.

SXSW, Cannes, Holly Shorts, Palm Springs. PNW Premiere



(implied sexual abuse)
Drama, Spain, 2023 | 18:00
Director/Writer Carmen Jimenez, Producers:
Nacho Pérez de Guzmán, Eduardo B. Muñoz
Language: Spanish. Subtitles: English

7-yr old Berta looks forward to spending time with her cousin, unaware of hidden intentions.

17 international festivals, Goya Award Winner. West Coast US Premiere

Julie Baby

Drama, US, 2023 | 17:00
Director/Writer Emily Grooms, Producers: Sinead Keirans, Timothy Hao-Wei Chang
Language: English

A little girl suddenly grows up too fast but embraces her strength.

Tacoma Film Festival, Pendance Film Festival. Seattle Premiere

Scotty’s Vag

(sexual content and language)
Dramedy, US, 2023 | 15:30
Director/Writer/Producer Chaconne Martin-Berkowicz
Producers: Cailin Lobbe-Rabe, Gia Rigoli, Vero Kompalic
Language: English

A college freshman leaves her comfort zone to impress her sorority big sister.

SXSW (South by Southwest), Atlanta Film Festival. PNW Premiere


Comedy, USA, 2023 | 11:30
Director/Writer Jenn Shaw, Producers: Queen Latifah, Monique Hazeur, Tyler Young, Sandra Nam, Loretha Jones, Shakim Compere
Starring Lourraine Toussiant, Charli Gurl
Language: English

An imaginative pre-teen at a crossroads finds comfort in her family legacy.

Seattle Premiere

Hold My Hair

Hold My Hair

Dramedy, USA, 2023 | 10:00
Director/Writer/Producer Rachel Taggart
Producer Michele Damis
Language: English

Two Besties. An innocent evening. One takes a risk.

PNW Premiere (almost World Premiere). Q&A Rachel Taggart, Michele Damis


The Golden Age

Documentary, Experimental, US, 2021 | 11:06
Producer/Director Hannah Hamalian

The unsung contributions and talent of the original women in the animation industry.

PNW Premiere


Documentary, US, 2023 | 5:10
Director/Writer/Producer Chezik, Producer Kelly Ray
Language: English

A look into the mind of an oddities shop keeper, and the peace that comes with leaning into discomfort.

World Premiere. Q&A Chezik

Vanishing Seattle: Queer the Land

Doc, US, 2023 | 14:15
Director/Producer Netsanet Tjirongo
Language: English

Changing neighborhoods. A tenacious community with a dream. Seattle activists organize housing for Queer and Trans People of Color.

Q&A Netsie Tjirongo, Cynthia Brothers


Comedic Commentary, Canada, 2021 | 3:18
Director/Writer/Producer Allison Beda
Co-Writer Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg

An exploration of our digital evolution as we grow more addicted to our devices.

Dancing on the Edge Festival/Vancouver. US Premiere. Q&A Allison Beda


Things I’ve Made My Roommate Do. Episode 1: I’ve Parked My Car in the Friend Zone

Comedy, Rom Com., US, 2023 | 8:30
Director/Writer/Producer Mylissa Fitzsimmons
Producers: John Schorg, DD Wrigley
Language: English

Max thinks he loves Samantha. Olivia loves Max. Olivia convinces Max to profess his love to Samantha. What could go wrong?

This is Mylissa Fitzsimmons’ 3rd Post Alley Film Festival. She is a former PAFF award winner, and was one of 3 finalists for the1st Lynn Shelton, “Of a Certain Age” Grant, selected by Virginia Bogert, PAFF Artistic Director. Q&A Mylissa Fitzsimmons

Savi the Cat

Live action doc and animation, US, 2022 | 17:45
Director/Producer/Writers Netsanet Tjirongo, Bryan Tucker, Illustrator Freyja Whitney
Language: English

A husband surprises his wife with an adorable kitten. Again. What could go wrong?

SIFF Film Festival. Q&A Netsie Tjirongo, Kaila Nsimbi, Ken Nsmibi

Musica Quarantena

Animation, US, 2022 | 3:46
Created by Lilian T. Mehrel & Danielle Rhoda, written & directed by Lilian T. Mehrel. animation & animation direction by Danielle Rhoda
Producers: Lilian T. Mehrel and Danielle Rhoda
Language: Song

A little girl’s love for her bedridden Papa inspires a town in lockdown to make music.

Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival In Competition 2023. US Premiere