Socially Inept: Tech Roast Show

Socially indept comedians roast techies

90 min.

October 21, 2022

Program starts at 8:00pm

Renegade tech comedians roast whimpering techies on stage in front of a live crowd.

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Corporate techlords rule the world like a bored kid f***ng around in SimCity 2000. And you work for them, because the snacks are free. We get it, we used to be just like you—did the cringy bidding of the same data-driven demigods—our wills waning, souls wasting, waiting silently for our stocks to vest.

Then we quit.
Formed a fearless band of renegade tech comedians.

Now we roam from town to town, roasting whimpering techies like you in front of live crowds. We have sold out shows in NY, LA, Austin, SF and Silicon Valley, but our biggest flagship show is happening right here—in our own sad Seattle.

  • Running Time: 90 min.