SIFF & Scarecrow

SIFF at Scarecrow

Scarecrow Video and SIFF, Seattle’s two biggest titans of cinema, come together to create the ultimate movie night.

Scarecrow Video is the largest independent video store in the country, hosting 135,000 titles in its immense catalog.

The SIFF Film Center is one of SIFF’s four premium venues, offering 92 seats and state-of-the-art projection and sound within an intimate setting in the beautiful Seattle Center.

Step One: Find Your Movie

Browse Scarecrow Video’s catalog and pick your movie.

Step Two: Fill out the Form

Use this form to send us the details - date, time, preferred movie.

Step Three: Grab Some Friends

Gather your coworkers, friends, or family, cozy around the bright glow of our state-of-the-art screen. Invite up to 92 people.

Step Four: Movie Night

Kick back and watch your movie in the Film Center theater, while enjoying popcorn, candy, and snacks from our fully-staffed concession stand.


  • General: $650
  • Members: $600