ALT Shorts: See and Be Seen

85 min.

Looking through colored filters, found footage, high school memories, or visual effects, this series of experimental shorts will transport you to locations that are real, remembered, abstracted, or simply imagined.

  • Running Time: 85 min.

Packaged Films

Ashes of Roses

USA | 2023 | 12 min. | Sasha Waters Freyer

Football parties, older men, adolescent desire, and the outrageous yet mundane humiliations of being a teenage girl in the 1980s.

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Corpus and the Wandering

Canada | 2024 | 8 min. | Jo Roy

One dancer, one body, one iPhone. Digital landscapes are created in a time of collective alienation and isolation.

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Germany | 2023 | 7 min. | Martin Gerigk

Collage animation evokes an abstract world similar to our own where women have power, men crack out of eggs, and science is everywhere.

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Netherlands | 2024 | 23 min. | Zuza Banasińska

Created from archival materials from communist Poland, this Best Short Film winner from Berlin tells the story of a multispecies matriarchal family through the eyes of a child.

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Loop me in

Austria | 2023 | 4 min. | Bernd Oppl

A balled-up ribbon of magnetic tape blows into a white-tiled room, floating around with a sense of zero-Gs, before finding its way to the exit.

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The Lost Season

USA | 2024 | 6 min. | Kelly Sears

As the world experiences its final winter, a new streaming channel seeks to collect images so people can remember on demand…for a price.

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Loving in Between

Austria | 2023 | 18 min. | Jyoti Mistry

Over archival footage, a man and woman talk about how birthing is hard, dying is easy, so you should get yourself a little loving in between.

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Austria | 2023 | 7 min. | Viktoria Schmid

First with a red filter, then a green one, and then blue, the light and shadows of New York City as seen from a 20th-floor apartment are layered one upon another.

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