Àma Gloria

France | 2023 | 84 min. | Marie Amachoukeli

Young Cléo is devastated to learn that her beloved nanny must leave to tend to her family in Cape Verde. To soften the blow, the impressionable six-year-old tags along and learns more about the woman who practically raised her.

Six-year-old Cléo (an astonishing Louise Mauroy-Panzani) lives in Paris with her widower dad, Arnaud, but is cared for primarily by her beloved nanny, Gloria. It is Gloria who picks her up from school, takes her to the optometrist, sings her songs, and tucks her into bed at night. When Gloria’s mother dies, she must return home to Cape Verde, to care for her own children. As she and Cléo both struggle with the separation, Gloria proposes to Arnaud that Cléo spend the summer with her in Cape Verde. Their reunion is joyful, but Gloria’s life is different now, as she tries to support her pregnant daughter Fernanda, and reconnect with her resentful son, César. Then there’s the hotel she is trying to build, as she envisions a new financial future. For her part, Cléo is unused to having to share Gloria’s attention—especially once the new baby arrives—and must come to terms with the changing nature of their relationship. Based on the director’s own experience and dedicated to her own nanny, the film explores the complexities of an attachment that is both profoundly emotional and inescapably economic, and that exists within the context of present day economic migration as well as a colonial past.

—Justine Barda

  • Director: Marie Amachoukeli
  • Principal Cast: Louise Mauroy-Panzani, Ilça Moreno Zego, Abnara Gomes Varela, Fredy Gomes Tavares, Arnaud Rebotini
  • Country: France
  • Year: 2023
  • Running Time: 84 min.
  • Producer: Bénédicte Couvreur
  • Screenplay: Marie Amachoukeli, Pauline Guéna
  • Cinematographers: Inès Tabarin
  • Editors: Suzana Pedro
  • Music: Fanny Martin
  • Website: Official Film Website
  • Filmography: Party Girl (2014)
  • Language: French, Kabuverdianu
  • Has Subtitles: Yes
  • International Sales: Pyramide International