United Kingdom | 2022 | 80 min. | Andrew Legge

A crackling speculative fiction out of Ireland about two sisters, circa 1941, who build a machine that picks up broadcasts from the future. But when they realize they can change the course of World War II, a terrible butterfly effect is set into motion.

As WWII ravages Europe, the United Kingdom struggles against the relentless Nazi war machine. But in a small country village, sisters Thom and Mars have built a machine that could change everything. LOLA can intercept radio and TV broadcasts from the future, allowing the sisters to discover David Bowie and embrace their inner punk rocker decades before either comes into existence. Using an alias, "the Angel of Portobello," the sisters warn the British War Command of impending Nazi bombing raids, saving thousands of lives. Intelligence officer Sebastian Holloway soon uncovers their true identity, becoming the liaison connecting LOLA to the UK government—and Mars' lover, too. At first, LOLA's prognostications lead to a cascading series of stunning triumphs. Thom grows increasingly intoxicated by LOLA's power, while Mars begins to realize its potential for terrible consequences. As their relationship disintegrates, Thom makes a fatal error that leads to a nightmarish present. In this exhilarating feature film debut, director Andrew Legge combines twisted time travel tropes with an ingenious found footage conceit to craft an alternate history thriller that is all the more chilling for how it mirrors our current world.

Dan Doody

  • Director: Andrew Legge
  • Principal Cast: Stefanie Martini, Emma Appleton
  • Country: United Kingdom, Ireland
  • Year: 2022
  • Running Time: 80 min.
  • Producer: Alan Maher
  • Screenplay: Andrew Legge, Angeli Macfarlane
  • Cinematographers: Oona Menges
  • Editors: Colin Campbell
  • Music: Neil Hannon
  • Website: Official Film Website
  • Filmography: Debut Feature Film
  • Language: English
  • US Distributor: MPI
  • International Sales: Bankside Films

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