Alternate Cinema

The films in this section not only aim to alter how you look at the world but also open your mind and make you think. Innovation and experimentation are huge elements of these feature films as well as the impressive lineup of this year’s ALT Shorts package.

ALT Shorts: Transitions

82 min.

Sometimes change is best captured with a camera, while editing can create transitions that inspire new ideas. Welcome to ALT Shorts.

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Fragments of Paradise

USA | 2022 | 98 min. | KD Davison

A doc on Jonas Mekas, the godfather of avant-garde cinema and founder of Film Culture magazine and NYC’s Anthology Film Archives.

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Hole in the Head

Ireland | 2022 | 94 min. | Dean Kavanagh

A mute young man projectionist attempts to reconstruct repressed memories of his past through various forms of media.

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The Tuba Thieves

USA | 2023 | 92 min. | Alison O’Daniel

This experimental mix of documentary, recreation, and essay explores the ways in which we engage with sound, music, and speech.

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Wild, Terrifying, and For One Night Only

90 min.

This secret film may include nudity, strobe lights, the quest for immortality through drugs—and it’s just plain WTF weird.

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