The Family Picture Show

The Family Picture Show

2018 | 83 minutes

Bring the whole family to the cinema for a playful set of animated, live action, and documentary short films curated for the young and the young at heart.

  • Year: 2018
  • Running Time: 83 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Format: DCP

Packaged Films


Cameroon | 2018 | 9 minutes | Victor Viyuoh

Classic rags-to-riches tale of a lower-class girl who insinuates herself into an upper-class family with unintended consequences.

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Between the Lines

Russia | 2017 | 5 minutes | Maria Koneva

Winner of the SIFF 2018 Grand Jury Prize for Animated Short | A Zebra thinks she is completely alone in a world where everyone has a partner, until she finds another Zebra.

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USA | 2017 | 4 minutes | Sandra Boynton

A wry homage to classic film noir movies and a celebration of the infuriating glory of cats.

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FILL and Moo

Japan | 2017 | 8 minutes | Toshiko Hata

A mushroom-like sprite dwells on the forest floor until his filmstrip cap pulls him magically through the fourth wall.

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Galaxy Girl

USA | 2018 | 4 minutes | Richard Grover

A pizza delivery girl runs into an unexpected customer that will change her fate forever.

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I Think My Dad's a Superhero

USA | 2018 | 9 minutes | Joseph Barton

A young boy believes his dad is a superhero and sets out to prove his theory.

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Inclusion Makes the World More Vibrant

Australia | 2017 | 3 minutes | Genevieve Clay-Smith

A little boy and his mother experience an art gallery together in the most surprising way.

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USA | 2017 | 7 minutes | Emily Sheskin

A young girl, age 10, dreams of becoming a professional fighter and boxer with no one standing in her way.

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Iran | 2017 | 3 minutes | Negareh Halimi, Amin Malekian

A set of paints spring to life to create new masterpieces through the technique of stop motion.

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Post No Bills

Canada | 2017 | 5 minutes | Robin Hays, Andy Poon

The characters featured in a wall of posters come to life and work together to avoid being painted over.

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Sherbert Rozencrantz, You're Beautiful

Australia | 2018 | 11 minutes | Natalie van den Dungen

A young girl who is obsessed with her pet guinea pig is suddenly forced to make real friends.

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Shoot for the Moon

USA | 2017 | 4 minutes | Lauren Hoekstra, Doug Turner

A girl discovers what can happen when you reach for the stars while attending a summer science camp.

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Tiger, Tiger

USA | 2017 | 5 minutes | Rhea Dadoo

A family takes a wrong turn in the jungle where a Bengali tiger lurks in the shadows.

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Wishing Box

USA | 2017 | 6 minutes | Wenli Zhang, Nan Li

A greedy pirate attempts to force his food-obsessed monkey to wish for gold to come out of the magical box.

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