The Uncertain Detective

USA | 2024 | 69 min. | Gregg Lachow

In the new chapter of his indie webseries, director Gregg Lachow and a bevy of local talent go for broke in this metanarrative about a filmmaker making a detective neo-noir TV series with his family, only for the two worlds to intertwine.

Director/Producer Gregg Lachow scheduled to attend.

Gregg, a film director, creates a surreal, neo-noir TV series featuring a bumbling detective, casts himself, his wife Megan, and son Charlie, and tries to juggle his domestic and creative worlds as they become increasingly intertwined. In the new season of this episodic series, the Detective and his Assistant are on the hunt for the Three Miscreants, shapeshifters who can transform themselves into anything. When the detectives come upon three snowmen in an otherwise empty field, they suspect they might be onto something. Meanwhile, Charlie meets an intriguing young woman who distrusts technology as much as he does, Megan tries to put together a dance performance piece with some old friends, and Gregg and his co-writer struggle to create a case that the Detective can actually solve. In the show, as in their lives, each character tries to solve the essential mystery: In a world that seems to be falling apart, where is the love that binds us together?

  • Director: Gregg Lachow
  • Principal Cast: Megan Murphy, Charlie Lachow, Gregg Lachow, Eric Ray Anderson, Isabel Bennett
  • Premiere Status: World
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2024
  • Running Time: 69 min.
  • Producer: Elke Hautala
  • Screenplay: Gregg Lachow
  • Cinematographers: Ryan Purcell
  • Editors: Gregg Lachow
  • Music: Maggie Brown
  • Website: Official Film Website
  • Filmography: Charlie and Me (2009), A New Wonder of the World (2005), Silence! (2000), Money Buys Happiness (1999)
  • Language: English