Ultimate Citizens

USA | 2023 | 52 min. | Francine Strickwerda

Filmed at Seattle’s Hazel Wolf K-8 school, this doc introduces Jamshid Khajavi, an Iranian American immigrant, school counselor, chicken rescuer, and Ultimate Frisbee coach tirelessly devoted to the city’s immigrant kids.

Director Francine Strickwerda scheduled to attend both screenings.

Attend either screening for a chance to win merch and tickets to see the Seattle Tempest/Seattle Cascades, our local professional Ultimate Frisbee teams!

Meet Jamshid Khajavi. He's a 65-year-old Iranian American immigrant, an exceptional athlete, and a Seattle-area school counselor. Coaching a junior Ultimate Frisbee team comprising immigrant youth, Jamshid transfers his athletic work ethic into inspiration, prizing teamwork, nonstop effort, and good sportsmanship across the team. Ultimate Citizens goes behind the scenes of Jamshid's life, exploring his journey as an immigrant in the U.S. but also his commitment to fitness as a means of health and character-building. Upon this foundation, there is greater depth to his interaction with the students, many of whom see their own potential in this fiery yet compassionate mentor. What begins as an engaging portrait of a master counselor and his team in practice on the grass around Green Lake soon becomes an exhilarating competition as the students reach for the top prize at the largest youth Ultimate championship. Seattle-based filmmaker Francine Strickwerda (Busting Out, SIFF 2004, Oil & Water, SIFF 2014) has crafted both a celebration of one of Seattle's heroes and the underdog spirit that drives the team of students, ultimately inspiring us all to become better citizens as we rebuild ourselves as we emerge from the COVID pandemic.

—Dustin Kaspar

  • Director: Francine Strickwerda
  • Principal Cast: Jamshid Khajavi, Nyahoak Rambang, Pio Faumuina
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2023
  • Running Time: 52 min.
  • Producer: Francine Strickwerda
  • Screenplay: Francine Strickwerda
  • Cinematographers: Doug Plummer, Francine Strickwerda, Nakean Wickliff
  • Editors: Nate Lessler, Gabe Shelton-Jenck, Charlie Spears
  • Website: Official Film Website
  • Awards: Gorge Impact Film Festival 2023 (Audience Award, Special Jury Award), Red Rose Film Festival 2023 (Best Documentary), The Coup Film Festival (Mental Health Advocate Award)
  • Filmography: Oil & Water (2014), Busting Out (2004)
  • Language: English

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