AGFA August: The Little Shop of Horrors

USA | 1960 | 72 min. | Roger Corman

August 24, 2024

AGFA August

Seymour Krelboin works in the Skid Row flower shop owned by Mr. Mushnik. In his spare time, Seymour creates a new plant species he names Audrey Junior in honor of his girlfriend Audrey.

Introduced by AGFA Executive Director Jackson Cooper.


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Saturday, August 24, 2024

Nebbish Seymour Krelboind (Jonathan Haze) works for the ultra-cheap Gravis Mushnick (Mel Welles) at his skid row floral shop. He's infatuated with his coworker, Audrey (Jackie Joseph), but knows he'll never be able to win her over—that is, until he grows a special plant he calls Audrey, Jr. The only downside? Audrey, Jr.'s ability to talk and its hunger for human blood! Later adapted into the smash Broadway musical, screenwriter Charles B. Griffith and filmmaker Roger Corman's The Little Shop of Horrors is a classic horror comedy with appearances by Dick Miller and a young Jack Nicholson.

  • Director: Roger Corman
  • Principal Cast: Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph, Mel Welles
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 1960
  • Running Time: 72 min.
  • Producer: Roger Corman
  • Screenplay: Charles B. Griffith
  • Cinematographers: Archie R. Dalzell
  • Editors: Marshall Neilan Jr.
  • Music: Fred Katz
  • Filmography: House of Usher (1960), The Wild Angels (1966)
  • Language: English