AGFA August: To Be or Not to Be

USA | 1942 | 99 min. | Ernst Lubitsch

August 26, 2024

AGFA August

Acting couple Joseph and Maria Tura are managing a theatrical troupe when the Nazis invade Poland. Using their skill for impersonation, Joseph and company must confuse the Nazis and stop Siletsky from handing over the list.

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Monday, August 26, 2024

Even today it seems shocking that, in 1942, Lubitsch satirized occupied Warsaw with a spirited cast including Jack Benny and Carole Lombard, foiling Nazis who crack jokes about concentration camps and careening through harrowing complications like an air raid, a fatal shooting and buffoonery with a corpse. It's all served up with that celebrated "Lubitsch touch”, which employed elegance and wit to create civilized entertainments even in the darkest of settings.

  • Director: Ernst Lubitsch
  • Principal Cast: Carole Lombard, Jack Benny, Robert Stack, Felix Bressart, Lionel Atwill, Stanley Ridges, Sig Ruman
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 1942
  • Running Time: 99 min.
  • Producer: Ernst Lubitsch
  • Screenplay: Edwin Justus Mayer
  • Cinematographers: Rudolph Maté
  • Editors: Dorothy Spencer
  • Music: Werner R. Heymann
  • Filmography: Ninotchka (1939), The Shop Around the Corner (1940)
  • Language: English