Prestige Sleaze: In the Cut

In the Cut

United Kingdom | 2003 | 119 min. | Jane Campion

June 10 - 18, 2024

Prestige Sleaze

Following the gruesome murder of a young woman in her neighborhood, a self-determined woman living in New York City as if to test the limits of her own safety—propels herself into an impossibly risky sexual liaison. Soon she grows increasingly wary about the motives of every man with whom she has contact—and about her own.

When Frannie, a New York City writing professor, becomes entangled with a detective investigating a murder, her world turns upside down. Frannie is drawn into a web of secrets and lies that challenge her perceptions of love and trust. With a haunting atmosphere and gripping performances by Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo, the film explores the blurred boundaries between intimacy and peril, unraveling a twisted narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. As Frannie delves deeper into the darkness surrounding her, she must confront her own fears and desires in a thrilling journey of self-discovery and suspense.

  • Director: Jane Campion
  • Principal Cast: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Meg Ryan, Mark Ruffalo
  • Country: United Kingdom, Australia, France, USA
  • Year: 2003
  • Running Time: 119 min.
  • Producer: Nicole Kidman, Laurie Parker
  • Screenplay: Jane Campion, Susanna Moore, Stavros Kazantzidis
  • Cinematographers: Dion Beebe
  • Editors: Alexandre de Franceschi
  • Music: Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson
  • Filmography: The Power of the Dog (2021) The Piano (1993)
  • Language: English