The Films of Edward Yang: A Confucian Confusion

A Confucian Confusion

Taiwan | 1994 | 125 min. | Edward Yang

April 1 - 18, 2024

The Films of Edward Yang

Though it signaled a shift in tone from his earlier, more dramatic films, the ambitious and incisive A Confucian Confusion finds Yang once again searching for the soul of a country he no longer quite recognizes. New 4K restoration.

Art versus commerce, friendship versus status, independence versus conformity – values clash and collide in Edward Yang’s study of an increasingly Western-influenced country heading into the 21st Century minus a steady moral compass. Moving from breakout hit A Brighter Summer Day’s investigation of the past to a critical survey of the present, A Confucian Confusion charts the tangled web of emotional and business manipulations among a group of young urban professionals. At its center is Molly (Ni Shu-Chun), director of a floundering public relations firm. Alienated by the childish fiancé (Bosen Wang) who bankrolls her enterprise and frustrated by the demands of an assistant Qiqi (Xiangqi Chen) and her own fiance Ming (Wei-Ming Wang), Molly lashes out at everyone in her path and threatens to dismantle the company altogether. Meanwhile (amidst several other subplots), Molly’s talk show host sister (Li-Mei Chen) attempts to dissuade her separated husband from continuing to write a dark novel about the return of Confucius to a jaded modern society. Injecting comedic elements into his patented brand of earnest soul-searching, Yang finds humor as well as pathos in the desperate behavior of a lost and lonely generation.

  • Original Language Title: 獨立時代
  • Director: Edward Yang
  • Principal Cast: Xiangqi Chen, Ni Shu-Chun, Bosen Wang, Wei-Ming Wang, Li-Mei Chen
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Year: 1994
  • Running Time: 125 min.
  • Producer: David Sui, Wei-Yen Yu
  • Screenplay: Edward Yang, Hung Hung
  • Cinematographers: Chan Chang, Wu-Hsiu Hung, Lung-Yu Li, Aurthur Wong
  • Editors: Po-Wen Chen
  • Music: Antonio Lee
  • Filmography: YI YI, A Brighter Summer Day
  • Language: Mandarin