Membership FAQ

Being a SIFF member should be as simple as it is satisfying!

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I need help logging into my account on

If you need help troubleshooting logging into your member account please contact our box office at

How do I check if my membership is active?

Log in to using the same email and password you use for Once logged in, choose "account" from the drop down menu at the top right corner.

On the left side of the account page, there is a link for "Your Memberships." Details about your current SIFF membership, including activation and expiration dates, are listed here.

How do I renew my membership?

If your membership is active, log in to or and purchase a new membership. The option to renew your current membership will automatically appear. This option is also available for orders made over the phone or in person.

If your membership has completed, you can purchase a new membership and the level of your choice. The automatic option to renew will not appear, even if you have been a member previously.

I received a gift membership. How do I activate it?

The purchase of a gift membership generates an activation email that is sent to the purchaser. When they forward that email to the person receiving the gift membership, the receiver can activate their gift membership using the link or code contained in the email.

Why am I having trouble connecting my dual account?

If you are having trouble linking two accounts for your dual membership, you can reference these Instructions for Connecting Dual Memberships (PDF).


What is the cost of SIFF Membership?

SIFF Membership is $60 for individuals and $110 for dual membership, with a discounted $40 rate for Seniors and Students.

Are SIFF memberships tax-deductible?

Although SIFF’s previous membership levels were partially tax-deductible depending on the level and benefits offered, we have determined that SIFF memberships are no longer tax-deductible. This is because the fair-market value of the benefits offered exceeds the price of the membership. Click here if you are interested in making a fully tax-deductible donation to SIFF.


Can I set up my membership to auto-renew?

If you’d like to have your membership auto-renew, login to your account at and click on Your Memberships to add a payment method.

Can I get a SIFF membership card?

In an effort to be environmentally conscious and streamline our process for members, we are no longer providing physical membership cards. Your name and email address is all that you need to access your membership benefits online and when our cinemas reopen.

How can I get my popcorn punch card?

Popcorn punch cards will be available to pick up at our cinemas once they reopen. We are not able to mail these materials at this time.

I am a volunteer. How do I redeem my five volunteer vouchers for a SIFF membership?

Please fill out and submit this form in order to redeem your vouchers for a membership.

Please reach out to if you have any other questions or concerns.