4th World Filmmakers on Nia Tero’s Seedcast

Monday, November 8, 2021

4th World Media Lab Fellows 2021

The 4th World Media Lab supports early and mid-career Indigenous filmmakers from around the globe, providing them an immersion into film learning and exploration with residencies at Camden International Film Festival in Maine, Big Sky Documentary Festival in Montana, and here at the Seattle International Film Festival.

In Nia Tero’s newest episode of Seedcast, members of the 2021 4th World cohort—Brit Hensel, Ajuawak Kapashesit, Jared Lank, Erin Lau, Lucía Ortega Toledo, and Theola Ross—share how Indigenous-focused spaces make room for growth, why Native filmmaking is in an interesting moment, and what they envision next for themselves and those following in their footsteps. The lab’s founder Tracy Rector also shares about the generative partnerships that keep the 4th World fellowship going and what inspired the name.

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Lucia Toledo Ortega

“With this fellowship, I feel that I am accepted for who I am: that I have an Indigenous background, that I have Indigenous features, and my work is valued. I feel that my voice could be heard.”—Lucia Toledo Ortega

Jared Lank

“There's so much that can be learned from our perspectives on life, our traditional knowledge and place-based knowledge.”—Jared Lank

The 4th World Media Lab is a partnership between Nia Tero, SIFF, Big Sky Film Festival, and Points North Foundation.

Photo credits: Michelle Hurtubise

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