An Update to Our In-Person Ticket Pricing

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

An update to our in-person ticket pricing

As of Friday, March 1, SIFF has introduced a $2.00 service fee per ticket to all in-person purchases. Prior to this change, SIFF was paying the fee imposed by the vendor that provides our ticketing services on all tickets sold.

SIFF is a nonprofit organization, and we will always strive to keep ticket prices as accessible as possible for our patrons; what you pay for your ticket goes directly toward helping our organization run. SIFF is proud to maintain our $6 Movie Monday prices at SIFF Cinema Uptown, SIFF Cinema Egyptian and the SIFF Film Center. Overall, we use All-In Pricing so patrons are informed of the total cost of a ticket including service charges from the moment you start considering a purchase. This change affects in-person purchases only; SIFF online ticket prices remain the same.

Tickets purchased online in advance of your visit to any SIFF Cinema venue will always cost less than tickets purchased on-site the day of your visit, and we recommend you buy online in advance to avoid in-person service charges.

This change will support our continued mission to create experiences that bring people together to discover extraordinary films from around the world, and thank everyone for their continued patronage and support.

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