49th Seattle International Film Festival Trailer


The official trailer for the 49th Seattle International Film Festival, returning in person May 11–21, 2023 taking Seattle moviegoers on a cinematic odyssey at venues across the city, followed by a week of select films streaming on the SIFF Channel May 22–28. 

WONGDOODY team for overall campaign:
Grace Francis, Pete Gosselin, Monkey Watson, Matteo Mosterts, Byron Miller, Lena Lee, Runak Chavoshi, Reese Murakami, Coby Jackson, Susan Barnes, Aimee Hossler, Francesco Brunotti, Charlie Rakatansky, Ariel Smith, Thomas Bobson

Trailer production, headed by Dos Rios Films.

Directors: Mark Mirabile & Christopher James Cunningham
Producer: Paul Breslin
Cinematographer: Ryan Purcell
Assistant Camera: Will Putnam, Timofey Pozhitkov
Gaffers: Mike Walker, Jeremiah Schuler, Ryan Middleton
Grip & Electric: Allen Greenburg
Swing: Melissa Goshe, Darren Hendrix
Costume Designer: Ron Leamon
Tailor: Deborah Skorstad
Props: Anastasia Mikolyuk
Hair and Makeup: Elizabeth Dolan, Kaija Mistral Towner, Luce Cousineau, Stacie Thomas
Coordinators: Edgar Polkat, Wendy Gonzales
PA: Esti Toban
Locations: Paul Riordan
Projectors: Miles McRae
Equipment: Eric Thomas
Score: Nic Danielson
Editor: Christopher James Cunningham
Colorist: Thai M. Tran

Sound Mix: HEARby

Cast for Trailer:
Ariana Polansco
Dedra Whitt
Fune Tautala

Special thanks to: Eric Thomas/Weekend Lights for donating equipment, PNTA For donating equipment, Frank Clark, Supernova, Georgetown Steam Plant, Harbor Island Studios, Melissa Purcell, Justin Norman and a huge special thanks to Miles McRae. Without Miles, his projectors and expertise, this production would have only been a fraction of what it became.

  • Release Date: April 19, 2023
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