What The Femme Roundtable

With Prano Bailey-Bond, Lillah Halla, Katherine Chediak Putnam, Suki-Rose, and D.W. Thomas

SIFFcast presents a Filmmaker Roundtable from the 2021 Seattle International Film Festival. Programmer Colleen O'Holleran joins five directors from this year's Festival to talk about their films playing as part of WTF (Wild, Terrifying, and Fantastic). They explore their journeys in making shorts and features, share observations related to gender in genre cinema, and discuss the glories and horrors of genre filmmaking both behind and in front of the camera.

Too Late - director D.W. Thomas
Censor, “Nasty” - director Prano Bailey-Bond
“Inferno” - director Katherine Chediak Putnam
“Ding-Dong” - director Suki-Rose
“Menarca” - director Lillah Halla

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