Sing Sing

Sing Sing

USA | 2023 | 107 min. | Greg Kwedar

Opens August 8, 2024

Oscar® nominees Colman Domingo (Rustin) and Paul Raci (Sound of Metal) lead a cast of non-professionals, many of whom play themselves, in this inspirational true story about a troupe of incarcerated people who find healing through the redemptive power of theatre. 2024 Seattle International Film Festival Golden Space Needle Audience Award - Best Film.

In this stirring film based on a real-life theatre program inside New York’s Sing Sing Correctional Facility, director Greg Kwedar (Transpecos, SIFF 2016) demonstrates the transformative power of art using an ensemble cast of professional actors and formerly incarcerated people who participated in Sing Sing’s Rehabilitation Through the Arts (RTA) program. Academy Award® nominees Colman Domingo (Rustin) and Paul Raci (Sound of Metal) portray characters based on real people who challenge themselves to stage an original comedy—a first for the group, which usually relies on a repertoire of dramas and Shakespearean classics. Sing Sing focuses mostly on the behind-the-scenes work that goes into theatre production and in doing so reveals an incredible ensemble of talented actors as they mount the ambitious show. RTA veteran John "Divine G" Whitfield (Domingo) sees a spark from brilliant newcomer Clarence Maclin (playing a fictionalized version of himself) and works to develop his acting ability. Sing Sing is an inspiring true story of resilience, humanity, and the transformative power of art.

  • Director: Greg Kwedar
  • Principal Cast: Colman Domingo, Clarence “Divine Eye” Maclin, Sean San José, Paul Raci, Sean “Dino” Johnson, Jon Adrian "JJ" Velazquez
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2023
  • Running Time: 107 min.
  • Producer: Monique Walton, Clint Bentley, Greg Kwedar
  • Screenplay: Clint Bentley, Greg Kwedar
  • Cinematographers: Pat Scola
  • Editors: Parker Laramie
  • Music: Bryce Dessner
  • Filmography: Jockey (2021), Transpecos (2016)
  • Language: English
  • US Distributor: A24