Tasveer Reels: Female Gaze Shorts

Female Gaze Shorts

93 min.

March 31, 2023

Celebrate Women's History Month with Tasveer's pick of powerful and impactful female focused short films.

Tickets: $10 general | $9 SIFF Members | $5 Students, Seniors, and Tasveer Members

This collection of bold feminist films is an exploration of burgeoning womanhood that spans milestone moments and pivotal life lessons, from sexual awakening, to motherhood, to independence. These five short stories explore desire, consent, and autonomy, as each of the female protagonists take ownership of their lives. Featuring relatable and thoughtful storytelling that builds to deliver a cathartic sense of empowerment.

  • Running Time: 93 min.


How To Be A Person: How To Get An Abortion

6 min.

Sanam needs to get an abortion. How does she even do that and what will her Baba say if he finds out?

First Night

21 min.

The story of the two Danish-Tamil sisters who are determined to experience their first time on the same night.

Nana Ki Dum

21 min.

A new mom contends with her traditional Indian father while trying to sleep train her infant.


30 min.

When Naina's male friend violates her boundaries, she’s left to grapple with whether or not what happened was in the ‘gray’ areas. Working with a therapist, Naina takes a journey between past and present, to define for herself the meaning of consent.

Outside (Baahar)

14 min.

A mother mourns when her teenage daughter is accepted into boarding school.