Crash Kids

Crash Kids is a non-competitive movie production challenge that takes participants from movie concept to movie screening over the course of a day.

Crash Kids

May 6, 2017

Crash Kids (ages 9 to 12) engages local schools, youth, and families with a meaningful approach to cinema production. Participants receive hands-on experience in creating a film with a professional media educator in less than eight hours at the SIFF Film Center on the Seattle Center Campus.

Registration is available above for upcoming Crash Kids programs. Capacity is limited; SIFF Education will follow up with parents for additional information on the participants.


$75 | $60 for SIFF Members for the workshop beginning at 9:30 AM. Full scholarships are available for students from schools with 50% free and reduced lunch. For more information, email $5 tickets are available for the final screening only.


  • 9:30 AM | Young filmmakers arrive at SIFF Film Center. In the introductory meeting, teams of five youth are formed and assigned a mentor filmmaker who will facilitate their filmmaking process. The four Crash elements are selected (see below) and questions are answered.
  • 10:00 AM | Children are released with their team to write, shoot around Seattle Center, and edit their films. Students should plan to bring a sack lunch and a break time will be provided for the teams to have their lunches.
  • 5:00 PM | Films are completed and given to the projectionist at SIFF Cinema.
  • 5:30 PM | World Premiere screening at the SIFF Film Center theater. Family and friends invited. Parents may download their child's Crash Kids film from SIFF starting the Monday morning after the event. Email to receive the monthly Education newsletter to hear about upcoming Crash Kids programs.


  • Films must be no longer than three minutes
  • Films must include the four Crash elements: genre, type of action, character's name, and line of dialogue.
  • Bring any costumes or props that you might want to use.
  • Parents should pack a sack lunch for their student.

SIFF has filmmaking equipment and a computer lab for students to us, so there is no need to provide your own equipment. 

Questions? Email:


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