Blurred Dimensions

Blurred Dimensions

92 min.

From tech what-could-have-beens to intergalactic what-could-be’s, plug in and unlock the secrets of these eight cosmic realities. Beam me up, SIFF-y.

Various filmmakers expected to attend.

  • Running Time: 92 min.

Packaged Films

Farmer Ed

USA | 2022 | 17 min. | Azwan Badruzaman

After an isolated farmer makes a shocking discovery on his land, he unlocks its mysteries—unbeknownst to his wife.

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The Fore-men

Canada | 2022 | 15 min. | Adrian Bobb

Weeks after a mysterious time-compression event violently splices environments from the past into the present, two survivors encounter the foreboding figures responsible.

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How I Faked My Life Using AI: or (The Life and Death of Ryan Gosling Person)

USA | 2023 | 10 min. | Kyle Vorbach

Using photorealistic images generated by an AI, a man fools friends and family online with a sudden new life but loses himself in the process.

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The Launch

USA | 2022 | 9 min. | KK Apple

When a ruthless tech nerd is faced with pushback right before a big launch, he must find a way to hype up the team—and himself—before going onstage.

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USA | 2023 | 9 min. | Annalise Lockhart

Set in the year 2043, Mirasol lives a monotonous and lonely existence on a secluded farm. One day out gardening, a discovery opens the door to imagining a future where life returns.

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Democratic Republic of Congo | 2022 | 14 min. | Maisha Maene

An “afronaut” emerges from the wreckage of his spaceship in the volcanic crater of Mount Nyiragongo and begins to understand how to change the future for his people.

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Save the Watermelon

USA | 2022 | 10 min. | Chris Smith

The world's best gamer tests out a new video game. But everything might not “bee” what it seems.

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Variations on a Theme

USA | 2022 | 8 min. | Peter Collins Campbell

A couple has begun physically splitting into many different versions of themselves and must investigate an uncomfortable mutation that has arisen.

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