Canada (Québec) | 2022 | 89 min. | Katherine Jerkovic

In this meditative and naturalistic family drama about new beginnings, an immigrant chef on the cusp of regaining control of his life has it all upended when his estranged, rehab-bound daughter leaves him with the grandchild he never knew.

Coyote is an intimate drama about the messy nature of family and the power of unconditional love. Katherine Jerkovic's follow up to the lauded Roads in February is similarly thoughtful, empathetic, and absorbing. The film follows middle aged widower Camilo (Jorge Martinez Colorado), who was once the chef at a successful restaurant called "Le Coyote." Although he has fallen on hard times, he persists in trying to find his way back into the culinary industry. Just as the opportunity he has been waiting for comes into reach, his estranged daughter appears asking for a favor. She needs him to watch over Zachary (Enzo Desmeules Saint-Hilaire), the grandson he didn't know he had, while she checks herself into rehab. He can't refuse. Camilo and Zachary's relationship is uneasy at first, but slowly they fall into a new rhythm and something begins to bloom. When circumstances change, Camilo is forced to choose between his dreams and his family. Like the resilient coyote, Camilo must be resourceful and adaptable to life's capriciousness. However, this intimate drama is unmistakably human. Brought to life with naturalistic camerawork, a gentle cadence and minimalist sound design, Coyote is an affecting and bittersweet ode to unexpected roads and new beginnings.

Laura Good

  • Original Language Title: Le Coyote
  • Director: Katherine Jerkovic
  • Principal Cast: Jorge Martinez Colorado, Enzo Desmeules Saint-Hilaire
  • Country: Canada (Québec)
  • Year: 2022
  • Running Time: 89 min.
  • Producer: Nicolas Comeau
  • Screenplay: Katherine Jerkovic
  • Cinematographers: Léna Mill-Reuillard
  • Editors: Sophie Farkas Bolla
  • Music: David Drury
  • Filmography: Roads in February (2018)
  • Language: French, Spanish
  • Has Subtitles: Yes
  • International Sales: 1976 Productions