Asian Crossroads

We encourage you to take this journey across several Asian countries to discover the cultural and historical background of these faraway worlds, taste some food, hear some music, and be blown away by films about small villages, huge metropolises, and everything in between.

Against the Tide

India | 2023 | 97 min. | Sarvnik Kaur

A captivating documentary about the lives of two Indigenous fisherman, born to the same caste, whose friendship fractures.

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Singapore | 2022 | 90 min. | He Shuming

A middle-aged widow journeys to Seoul to discover herself and learn that there’s more to life than watching Korean soap operas.

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Coo-Coo 043

Taiwan | 2022 | 135 min. | Ching-lin Chan

A pigeon returns, reopening a family’s old wounds and resentments in a town enmeshed in the illegal pigeon racing circuit.

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DEMIGOD: The Legend Begins

Taiwan | 2022 | 103 min. | Huang Wen-Chang

A bloody, baroque puppet animation wuxia epic that features swashbuckling warriors, scheming vassals, and benign demigods.

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Hong Kong | 2022 | 104 min. | Brillante Mendoza

A fatal hit-and-run sends ripples through two families of different means in this class-conscious family drama.

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Taiwan | 2022 | 112 min. | Laha Mebow (Tayal Tribe)

An indigenous Taiwanese family begins to crumble when their elder passes away, burdening them with his debts and traditions.

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A Guilty Conscience

Hong Kong | 2022 | 132 min. | Jack Ng

A relatively straight-forward child abuse case becomes a battleground of justice, power, and fame.

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Harvest Moon

Mongolia | 2022 | 90 min. | Amarsaikhan Baljinnyam

A chef and a ten-year-old boy, neither of whom knew their biological fathers, form an unlikely bond.

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The Hill of Secrets

South Korea | 2022 | 122 min. | Lee Ji-eun

A young girl ashamed of her family’s working-class status hides who they are and strives for a more conservative future.

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Lonely Castle in the Mirror

Japan | 2022 | 116 min. | Keiichi Hara

Seven teenage outcasts discover a portal to a magic castle where they must find a hidden key that will grant them wishes.

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Next Sohee

South Korea | 2022 | 138 min. | July Jung

A bisected tale about a vivacious high schooler slowly cut down to nothing and the police detective who investigates her death.

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Plan 75

Japan | 2022 | 112 min. | Chie Hayakawa

In an alternate modern Japan, the elderly are given the option to euthanize themselves in return for a final sum of money.

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Seven Samurai

Japan | 1954 | 207 min. | Akira Kurosawa

A sixteenth century farming village requests protection from seven samurai against a horde of bandits.

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The Sunny Side of the Street

Hong Kong | 2022 | 112 min. | Lau Kok-rui

A friendship develops between a gruff taxi driver and a 10-year-old Pakistani refugee in modern-day Hong Kong.

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Table For Six

Hong Kong | 2022 | 120 min. | Sunny Chan

Smash hit about a family reunion that goes haywire when one of the members brings his new girlfriend…his brother’s ex!

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To Kill a Tiger

Canada | 2022 | 125 min. | Nisha Pahuja

An Indian rice farmer stands up to his village and demands justice for his young daughter, the victim of a terrible sexual assault.

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