New American Cinema

Join us on our journey into storytelling in its most modern, dynamic, and engaging form: the moving image.

When we begin our programming selection process, the team looks in awe at the sheer volume of films by independent American filmmakers. Each of these films represents a uniquely American voice and the diversity of the American experience.


USA | 2023 | 80 min. | Sudeshna Sen

A South Asian-American 12-year-old who believes her recently passed grandfather may be coming back as Siddhartha.

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Dreamin’ Wild

USA | 2022 | 110 min. | Bill Pohlad

Casey Affleck plays musician Donnie Emerson, who finds fame and purpose decades after he thought his career was over.

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Egghead & Twinkie

USA | 2023 | 87 min. | Sarah Kambe Holland

Recently out Asian American teen Twinkie and her nerdy best friend set off on a 2,000-mile road trip to meet her online crush.

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USA | 2023 | 91 min. | Babak Jalali

An Afghan immigrant finds work in a San Francisco Chinese fortune cookie factory and desperately longs for connection and peace.

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USA | 2023 | 93 min. | Justin Chon

An up-and-coming Indonesian rapper sees his relationship with his father and manager crack under the pressure of the industry.

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Late Bloomers

USA | 2023 | 92 min. | Lisa Steen

A Brooklyn slacker breaks her hip and goes into physical therapy, where she makes unlikely friends with an elderly Polish immigrant.

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The Mattachine Family

USA | 2023 | 99 min. | Andy Vallentine

In this lovely dramedy about modern fatherhood, a gay man grapples with wanting a child after having to return his foster son.

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USA | 2022 | 106 min. | Andrea Pallaoro

A trans woman returns to her childhood home, coming to terms with the fractured family she left behind so many years ago.

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USA | 2023 | 87 min. | Vuk Lungulov-Klotz

A trans man must navigate how he’s perceived by people from his past over one long, hectic summer day in New York City.

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Past Lives

USA | 2023 | 106 min. | Celine Song

A beautiful and delicate romance about the depth of love, as two childhood best friends reunite years after an untimely separation.

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Theater Camp

USA | 2023 | 88 min. | Molly Gordon, Nick Lieberman

A mockumentary about a theater camp that must put together the best summer show possible after their founder falls into a coma.

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This Closeness

USA | 2023 | 88 min. | Kit Zauhar

A couple rents a room in a shared apartment with a strange host, only for their relationship to fracture almost in real time.

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Year of the Fox

USA | 2023 | 97 min. | Megan Griffiths

A 17-year-old adoptee navigates her parents’ recent divorce and the unwanted advances of an older man.

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