Queer Mongol

USA | 2022 | 16 min. | Brandt Miller

A glimpse into a refreshingly non-west queerness via the experiences of four individuals as they prepare for Mongolia Pride.

  • Director: Brandt Miller
  • Principal Cast: Anarra Nyamdorj, Enkhmonk Zorigt, Surenkhor Gantamir, Ganbush Gan-Od
  • Country: USA, Mongolia
  • Year: 2022
  • Running Time: 16 min.
  • Producer: Brandt Miller, Matt Wilkinson
  • Cinematographers: Raphaël Chatelain
  • Editors: Matt Wilkinson
  • Music: Kush Zorigt
  • Language: English, Mongolian

This film is playing as a part of DoQommunity Now

Bringing people together is what these six documentaries do in order to tell real, queer stories that uplift, advocate for/against relevant topics, and move the spotlight over to those that deserve more recognition.

Various filmmakers expected to attend.

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