Love Story (SIFF's Version)

86 min.

From malfunctioning sex robots to towering stacks of emotional baggage, explore the idiosyncrasies of humanity’s greatest (and most complicated) emotion.

  • Running Time: 86 min.

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USA | 2024 | 14 min. | Tim Hendrix

A couple on a blind date are shocked when their emotional baggage is piled up around them in this snappy absurdist comedy.

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Jellyfish and Lobster

United Kingdom | 2023 | 20 min. | Yasmin Afifi

When an elderly couple discover a swimming pool that restores them to their younger selves, they are forced to confront their mortality or drown in the illusion of their past.

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USA | 2024 | 17 min. | Alyssa Loh

An isolated law student wrestles with a compulsion toward self-harm and pain. A surprising night carries her and a stranger into new territory.

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The Lovers

Sweden | 2023 | 13 min. | Carolina Sandvik

Love can make you fall apart. In this stop-motion romance, a couple is forced to deal with their physical and emotional transformations.

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Relationship to Patient

USA | 2024 | 14 min. | Caroline Creaghead

A woman arrives at the hospital to visit the man she's dating, but in navigating her way to his bedside she begins to question whether she really belongs there.

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Technical Support

USA | 2023 | 8 min. | Kris Lefcoe

When a lonely man’s sex robot malfunctions in “dominance” mode, it leads to what might be the most awkward customer support call in history.

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