WTF: Wild, Terrifying, Fantastic!

Get ready to set sail on the ultimate WTF cruise into the weirdest, wildest corners of this spooky, slimy planet we call Earth—and maybe even beyond.

Circus of the Scars - The Insider Odyssey of the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow

USA | 2022 | 96 min. | Chicory Wees

The wild history of Jim Rose and his Circus Sideshow from their early days in Seattle dive bars to high-profile international tours.

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DEMIGOD: The Legend Begins

Taiwan | 2022 | 103 min. | Huang Wen-Chang

A bloody, baroque puppet animation wuxia epic that features swashbuckling warriors, scheming vassals, and benign demigods.

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Spain | 2022 | 114 min. | Paul Urkijo Alijo

A young pagan woman guides a group of warriors through the ancient and mythological Basque forest to recover a lost treasure.

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The Last Exit

United Kingdom | 2023 | 93 min. | Matthias Hoene

A bone-chilling thriller about two criminals who take a family hostage, only to discover the terrible secrets they’re hiding.

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United Kingdom | 2022 | 80 min. | Andrew Legge

A crackling speculative fiction about two sisters, circa 1941, who build a machine that picks up broadcasts from the future.

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Mother Superior

Austria | 2022 | 71 min. | Marie Alice Wolfszahn

A gothic thriller about a woman who takes a job as an eccentric Baroness’ nurse to solve the mystery of her own parentage.

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My Animal

Canada | 2023 | 100 min. | Jacqueline Castel

A teenage Canadian outcast with a deadly, animalistic secret falls for the new figure skater in town…with bloody consequences.

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Revelations In Darkness

96 min.

As daylight fades, a macabre world of the bizarre, beautiful, and horrific reveals itself.

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The Visitor From the Future

France | 2022 | 96 min. | François Descraques

A sci-fi comedy about a teen environmental activist and her industrialist father who time travel 500 years into the future.

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Wild, Terrifying, and For One Night Only

90 min.

This secret film may include nudity, strobe lights, the quest for immortality through drugs—and it’s just plain WTF weird.

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WTF - All Turnt On

93 min.

They’re wet, they’re wild, they’re turning a wheel for mysterious reasons. Don’t miss this year's batch of laugh-out-loud oddities.

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SIFF & CFC Present The Craft with DJ NicFit

USA | 1996 | 101 min. | Andrew Fleming

May 16, 2023

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Seattle’s own DJ NicFit creates a live soundtrack to accompany the 1996 cult classic The Craft, about a coven of teen witches.

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