Asian Crossroads

Discover the most exciting films to come from Earth’s largest continent this year with SIFF’s Asian Crossroads program. Selected films represent a diverse collection of genres from across the regions and cultures of Central, East, and South Asia.

Agent of Happiness

Bhutan | 2024 | 93 min. | Dorottya Zurbó, Arun Bhattarai

Amber is a government employee tasked with conducting “happiness scale” surveys in the remote Himalayas.

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India | 2023 | 132 min. | Kanu Behl

A self-pitying twentysomething struggles for sexual independence amid a society that overemphasizes masculine stereotypes.

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All Shall Be Well

Hong Kong | 2024 | 93 min. | Ray Yeung

After her girlfriend’s sudden passing, Angie must fight for her own peace of mind and keep the apartment they called home.

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Black Box Diaries

Japan | 2024 | 104 min. | Shiori Ito

A journalist takes on Japan’s patriarchal sociopolitical system as she investigates her own sexual assault.

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The Box Man

Japan | 2024 | 120 min. | Gakuryû Ishii

A man moves through Tokyo wearing a cardboard box while fighting off those who want to take his place.

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City of Wind

Mongolia | 2023 | 103 min. | Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir

A 17-year-old Mongolian shaman becomes enamored with a peer who needs heart surgery.

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Dragon Superman

Taiwan | 1968 | 90 min. | Satoru Kobayashi, Shao Lo-hui

When the fearsome Cosmos Gang crosses him, nothing will stop our masked, motorcycle-riding hero from doling out justice.

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Evil Does Not Exist

Japan | 2023 | 105 min. | Ryûsuke Hamaguchi

Mizubiki, a remote lakeside village, is about to be overtaken by a new “glamping” site built on sensitive natural land.

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Girls Will Be Girls

India | 2024 | 118 min. | Shuchi Talati

Mira crashes headfirst into teenage love, her country’s oppression of female agency, and her own mother’s stifled desires.

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In Flames

Pakistan | 2023 | 98 min. | Zarrar Kahn

A widow, her adult daughter, and her tween-aged son are haunted by ghosts of the past when their patriarch dies.

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In Our Day

South Korea | 2023 | 84 min. | Hong Sang-soo

Two parallel stories thematically link together—an actress unsure of her future and an aging poet unsure of his past.

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Iron Mask

South Korea | 2023 | 100 min. | Kim Sung Hwan

Jae-woo reaches the upper ranks of his national kendo team and must face off against the man who accidentally killed his brother.

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A Journey in Spring

Taiwan | 2023 | 90 min. | Wang Ping-Wen, Peng Tzu-Hui

A man unwilling to grapple with the grief of his wife’s sudden death places her body in the freezer…until family comes to visit.

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July Rhapsody

Hong Kong | 2002 | 103 min. | Ann Hui

A high school teacher must navigate his troubled family life, his wife’s sick ex, and the interests of a lovestruck student.

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Killing Romance

South Korea | 2023 | 107 min. | Lee Won-suk

A studious young man and the famous retired actress next door fall in love and conspire to murder her vain, possessive husband.

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The Missing

Philippines | 2023 | 90 min. | Carl Joseph E. Papa

A mute gay animator sent to check in on his missing uncle encounters the alien who stole his mouth as a child.

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Taiwan | 2023 | 95 min. | Li Wei Chiu

A fast-paced, action-packed animated science fiction extravaganza about a streetwise pig in a bustling future metropolis.

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Cambodia | 2024 | 84 min. | Sokyou Chea, Inrasothythep Neth

When a manga artist moves into her late mother’s old apartment, she discovers it contains deep, dark, nightmarish secrets.

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Tiger Stripes

Malaysia | 2023 | 95 min. | Amanda Nell Eu

Rebellious 12-year-old Zaffan has hit puberty early, except her physical and behavioral changes seem to be anything but normal.

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