ShortsFest Opening Night

ShortsFest Opening Night

93 min.

It is our great pleasure to open our ShortsFest Spotlight with this collection of superb films from around the world: whether narrative or documentary, live action or animated—these films prove short is truly sweet.

Various filmmakers expected to attend.

  • Running Time: 93 min.

Packaged Films

Banned Book Club

USA | 2023 | 16 min. | Sinead McHugh Keirans

In this inspiring short documentary, a group of high school students in central Texas advocate for the return of banned books to classroom shelves.

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I Am Home

USA | 2023 | 3 min. | Kymon Greyhorse (Diné/Tongan)

A poetic memoir, a love letter that speaks of introspection and what it means to rediscover who you are and cherish where you come from.

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Let Me Go (The Right Way)

USA | 2022 | 17 min. | Destry Spielberg

Convinced that his life is being manipulated by an outside source, Aiden makes an appointment with the amiable Dr. Kemp. Over multiple sessions, however, their relationship begins to take on new, ominous shades.

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Australia | 2022 | 15 min. | Ruby Challenger

Sarah, a first-time mother struggling to connect with her newborn baby, discovers her Insta-famous bestie is throwing her a surprise birthday party.

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The One-Way Ticket

Iran | 2022 | 10 min. | Melika Rezapour

In modern-day Iran, six-year-old Taha uncovers a dangerous secret about his older sister. Now he must decide whether to reveal it to his fundamentalist father.

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Germany | 2022 | 16 min. | Rudolf Fitzgerald Leonard

During water therapy for his chronic spasms, Leon is involved in an incident that gradually disrupts all aspects of his life.

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France | 2022 | 16 min. | Amartei Armar

Sowah and Okai, the sons of a fisherman, struggle to cope with the loss of their eldest brother who drowned during a fishing expedition. Haunted by his demise, Okai believes their brother is still out there…

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