SIFF 2019 Shorts Award Winners

All On a Mardi Gras Day

USA | 2019 | 22 minutes | Michal Pietrzyk

Demond, an African-American man, belongs to a centuries-old culture known as Mardi Gras Indians.

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USA | 2018 | 4 minutes | Dylan Santa Cruz

A boy goes through a simulation meant to help him mourn his dead girlfriend.

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Sin Cielo

USA | 2018 | 25 minutes | Jianna S Maarten Saada

Two teenagers pursue young love in the borderlands where violence may be inescapable.

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The Seahorse Trainer

Canada | 2019 | 12 minutes | Ricardo Bonisoli, Babak Bina

A lonely old man with a passion for training seahorses tries to achieve an unimaginable trick.

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