Education Partnerships

SIFF is proud to build reciprocal relationships with the fabulous nonprofit organizations in our community to bring high quality cinema experiences to diverse audiences.

Youth Education Partnerships

We are proud to support other local filmmaking camps in our community. We provide technical and material support to local organizations who are already engaged and doing important work in their communities. Through our partnerships, we help create avenues for young people and their families to ensure that the next generation of local filmmakers come from diverse backgrounds. We hope we can set an example for ways that larger organizations can support and interrogate their impacts on community by acknowledging the nuances and individual experiences contained within the broad umbrella of visual storytelling.

Girl Scouts of Western Washington

Far Star Action Fund

Red Eagle Soaring

Pacific Middle School Film Club

Scriber Lake High School

Reel Youth

Artists at the Center
- Nada Rosa Live with SIFF Student Films

Adult Education Partnerships

SIFF Education partners with outside organizations to bring movie magic to the masses. This includes co-programming events, like our Sidney Poitier Retrospective we programmed with Langston, and fun new ideas, like bringing our student made films to Seattle Center Armory wil local band Nada Rosa live orchestrates them. We are always looking for new ways to bring cinema to life with new communities.

- A String of Pearls: The Camille Billops Family Trilogy
- REEL BLACK: Sidney Poitier and the Legacy of Black Film (Langston x SIFF)

Seattle Parks and Recreation
- Lunchtime Shorts in City Hall Park