Film Talks

Film education for the movie-curious to the true cinema fanatics

Many of the films we screen at SIFF start a conversation, inspire an action, or pose a question. Our two-hour Film Talks span the world of cinema with expert instructors, covering everything from South Korean Cinema to the Safdie brothers' Uncut Gems and more. Want to dig even deeper into the films you love? Try one of our shot-by-shot Cinema Dissection events.

Korean Horror

October 8–30 | SIFF Film Center. This October, surrender to the terrifying realm of Korean horror with Film Talk instructor Hannah Baek.

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Cinema Dissection: The Wicker Man

November 11, 2023

SIFF Film Center

Join facilitator and SIFF Programmer Dan Doody in traveling to the remote Hebrides, where we’ll unveil the secrets of Summerisle and its mysterious Mayday festivities.

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Folk Horror: A Primer

November 15, 2023

SIFF Film Center

SIFF Programmer Dan Doody presents a concise introduction to the world of Folk Horror—its tropes, styles, settings, and themes—from the genre’s literary origins to the landmark “Unholy Trinity” to its recent revival as a box office draw and multimedia darling.

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Cinema Dissection: Sunset Boulevard

December 9, 2023

SIFF Film Center

Join facilitator and SIFF Programmer Dan Doody for a scene-by-scene breakdown of this film noir masterpiece from its opening pool shot to its iconic final close-up.

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SIFF Film Talks are led by cinephiles from film studies professors to film festival programmers. Talks take place in person, usually in the evenings, at the SIFF Film Center. Many of them are also available to participate in via Zoom livestream.


Inspired by Roger Ebert's annual Cinema Interruptus in Boulder, CO, attendees will participate in a scene-by-scene, and sometimes shot-by-shot, deconstruction of the featured film. While the facilitator will certainly share their thoughts, anyone in the audience may call out 'Stop' and either ask a question of the group or make an observation around a certain shot or moment in the film.

Each Cinema Dissection program is expected be six hours in length with two 15-minute intermissions. The film will not be screened in its entirety so participants are encouraged to view the featured film in advance of the program. Participants will be jumping straight in to the analysis from the beginning of the session. If you have additional questions about this program, please email us.