March Monster Madness

March Monster Madness

March 15-28

Series Schedule

Welcome to March Monster Madness, a film series that unleashes a frenzy of monstrous delights! Brace yourselves for a cinematic extravaganza where colossal creatures, chilling horrors, and legendary monsters take center stage. From the iconic to the obscure, each film promises thrills, chills, and a dash of monstrous mayhem. 

As we dive into the depths of this monstrous marathon, prepare to witness the evolution of fear, from classic creatures like Godzilla and King Kong to modern kaiju delights like Pacific Rim (2013). March Monster Madness is not just a film series; it's a journey through the realms of imagination, where monstrous tales unfold against the backdrop of suspenseful storytelling and groundbreaking special effects.

Whether you're a seasoned monster enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of creature features, this series guarantees a wild ride through the realms of fantasy, horror, and the awe-inspiring unknown. Get ready to experience the thrill of monsters unleashed in this cinematic celebration of all things monstrous!

The final film in the lineup will be determined by YOU! Enter the colossal world of kaiju chaos with our March Monster Madness voting bracket. Witness epic battles as towering titans clash for supremacy in a monster showdown like no other. Every vote counts as YOU decide the ultimate champion. Join the frenzy, rally your fellow monster enthusiasts, and make your voice heard as we crown the mightiest kaiju of them all. Dive into the monstrous madness over on our Instagram stories at @siffnews, with voting starting on March 12. The fate of the kaiju universe rests in your hands. Let the voting begin! The winning film will screen at SIFF Cinema Egyptian on March 28.

March Monster Madness: Nope

USA | 2022 | 135 min. | Jordan Peele

March 15 - 27, 2024

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

A man and his sister discover something sinister in the skies above their California horse ranch. Mysterious events spiral into a gripping tale of otherworldly terror, pushing the boundaries of reality and fear.

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March Monster Madness: Godzilla

Japan | 1954 | 98 min. | Ishiro Honda

March 15 - 28, 2024

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Nuclear terror spawns an iconic monster. Tokyo trembles as Godzilla rises, a symbol of destruction and survival in this timeless sci-fi classic.

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March Monster Madness: Matinee

1993 | 99 min. | Joe Dante

March 16 - 24, 2024

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

John Goodman rocks the B-movie chaos in a 60s small town during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Laughs, monsters, and cinema magic – it's a retro blast from the past!

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March Monster Madness: Tremors

USA | 1990 | 96 min. | Ron Underwood

March 16 - 27, 2024

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

In the dusty town of Perfection, Tremors (1990) strikes with underground monsters. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward lead the fight for survival in this cult classic creature feature.

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March Monster Madness: Cloverfield

USA | 2008 | 85 min. | Matt Reeves

March 16 - 29, 2024

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

A monstrous force devastates New York City. Through found footage, witness a relentless and suspenseful tale of survival in the face of unknown horror.

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March Monster Madness: The Fly

USA | 1986 | 96 min. | David Cronenberg

March 16 - 26, 2024

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Brace for a visceral transformation in The Fly. Scientist Seth Brundle's teleportation experiment goes horribly wrong, unleashing a grotesque metamorphosis that blurs the line between man and monster.

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March Monster Madness: Creature From the Black Lagoon

USA | 1954 | 79 min. | Jack Arnold

March 17 - 24, 2024

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

An Amazonian expedition stumbles upon a prehistoric terror, sparking a haunting tale of desire and underwater suspense.

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March Monster Madness: The Host

South Korea | 2006 | 119 min. | Bong Joon-ho

March 17 - 30, 2024

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Seoul is under attack by a mutated monster. Family, government secrets, and environmental consequences collide in this gripping South Korean thriller.

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March Monster Madness: King Kong (2005)

USA | 2005 | 187 min. | Peter Jackson

March 18 - 24, 2024

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

A colossal ape, Skull Island's perilous wonders, and a tragic bond between beauty and beast unfold in an epic adventure in Peter Jackson's take on the monster goliath, King Kong.

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March Monster Madness: Pacific Rim

USA | 2013 | 131 min. | Guillermo del Toro

March 19 - 26, 2024

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Jaegers versus Kaiju: Massive robots clash with interdimensional monsters in a high-stakes battle for humanity's survival.

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March Monster Madness: Destroy All Monsters

Japan | 1968 | 89 min. | Ishirô Honda

March 28, 2024

SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Selected by YOU in our March Monster Madness voting bracket! The original Godzilla team of director Ishiro Honda, special-effects supervisor Eiji Tsuburaya, and composer Akira Ifukube reunited for this kaiju extravaganza, which features no fewer than eleven monsters.

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Friday, March 15 - 4:30pm Nope | 7:30pm Godzilla

Saturday, March 16 - 12:00pm Matinee | 2:30pm Tremors | 5:00pm Cloverfield | 7:30pm The Fly

Sunday, March 17 - 11:30am Creature from the Black Lagoon | 6:00pm The Host

Monday, March 18 - 4:15pm Cloverfield | 6:30pm King Kong (2005)

Tuesday, March 19 - 4:30pm Tremors | 7:00pm Pacific Rim

Wednesday, March 20 - 5:00pm The Fly | 7:30pm Matinee

Thursday, March 21 - 5:00pm Creature from the Black Lagoon | 7:00pm The Host

Friday, March 22 - 4:30pm Pacific Rim | 7:30pm Nope

Saturday, March 23 - 10:00am King Kong (2005)

Monday, March 25 - 4:30pm Godzilla

Tuesday, March 26 - 4:30pm Pacific Rim | 7:30pm The Fly

Wednesday, March 27 - 4:30pm Tremors | 7:00pm Nope

Thursday, March 28 - 5:15pm Godzilla | 7:30pm Audience Choice

Friday, March 29 - 4:00pm Cloverfield

Saturday, March 30 - 1:00pm The Host