Reel Black: Candyman & Urban Hauntings - Virtual Class

October 14, 2021


Investigate the original Candyman and the 2021 remake, especially ways the original suffers from a lack of Black voices behind the camera and how the ghetto functions as a haunted house. Taught by Isabella Price.

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Thursday, October 14, 2021
7:00–9:00pm PT
$25 Sustainer | $15 Regular | $10 SIFF Member
Presented via Zoom Webinar. Zoom meeting details will be emailed to ticket purchasers shortly before the scheduled event.


Based on the short story "The Forbidden" by Clive Barker, Candyman was made into a film in 1992 directed by Bernard Rose. The titular character Candyman, portrayed by Tony Todd, became a horror icon with his hook hand and deep, honeyed voice. The original film was not without faults though, and cultural blindspots by its white-majority production crew. In 2021 director Nia DaCosta and producer Jordan Peele seek to recontextualize the character of Candyman in a way that is more authentic to the world we live in and its real horrors. In this class, we will discuss the original film and the remake, how the original suffers from a lack of Black voices behind the camera, and how the ghetto functions as a haunted house. 


Registrants are expected to be familiar with both versions of Candyman in advance of the class. There will be film clips shared in the presentation and no restraint on spoilers. Links to a variety of streaming options are below for both films.

  • Candyman | (USA/United Kingdom, 1992) dir. Bernard Rose
  • Candyman | (USA/Canada/Australia, 2021) dir. Nia DaCosta


The Reel Black class series focuses on Black auteur filmmakers and Black influences within cinematic culture. Through deepening the cultural discourse with the past and present, we all prioritize and normalize Black stories and storytellers on our screens. This education series is curated by Isabella Price.

Isabella Price is a filmmaker, writer, podcaster, lecturer, host, performer and youtuber out of the PNW. Her topics include the intersection of race, sexuality, and gender in the fandom community. Currently, she is writing and directing a film, a podcast on the paranormal, a YouTube page, a blog with her writing about intersectionality and gender studies in nerd communities, and taking her panels and talks to more conventions all over the country. She loves the rain, watching re-runs of "The X-Files," eating French pastries, and hunting down the Mothman in her spare time.