Back Then

Back Then

2021 | 95 min. | Kinga Debska

October 23, 2022

Based on the writer-director’s own life and quirky family, a delightful, easy to watch comedy and a great insight into life behind the iron curtain in People’s Republic of Poland.

SIFF year-round passes and vouchers are not valid for this film.

Marta is a romantic and a school loser. She shares a room with her sister Kasia and her grandma who tells her granddaughters stories from the Warsaw Uprising instead of fairy tales. Her parents, Tadek and Elzbieta live in the adjacent room. He is an educated person, constantly humiliated by the system, secretly envious of his opulent brother-in-law. She is the leader of her workplace “Solidarity”, with a need for freedom and a dream of finally making it out of Poland. However, for the whole family true emotions start once a dream orange Fiat 126p parks in front of their apartment building. The world opens up…

  • Original Language Title: Zupa nic
  • Director: Kinga Debska
  • Principal Cast: Adam Woronowicz, Kinga Preis, Barbara Papis, Alicja Warchocka, Ewa Wiśniewska
  • Year: 2021
  • Running Time: 95 min.
  • Language: Polish
  • Has Subtitles: Yes