What's Your (Pass) Type?

Thursday, February 23, 2023

What's Your Pass Type

Before boldly going on a film odyssey…you need a boarding pass! Passes are a great way to maximize your Seattle International Film Festival experience: get early (or exclusive) access to screenings, extend the festival with preview screenings, and collect a badge with out-of-this world artwork.

But what pass to pick? Answer a few questions, tally up your most frequent answer, and our cosmic quiz will match you.

1. What concessions would you pack for an interstellar trip?

a. Popcorn
b. A chocolate bar
c. Sour gummies
d. Licorice

2. Pick a space-themed tune:

a. Space Song - Beach House
b. Rocket Man - Elton John
c. Cosmonauts - Fiona Apple
d. Starman - David Bowie

3. How far away do you want to travel?

a. Saturn
b. Across the known universe
c. The moon
d. Another galaxy

4. What movie alien would you least like to encounter?

a. Xenomorph (from Alien)
b. Jean Jacket (from Nope)
c. E.T. (from E.T. the Extraterrestrial)
d. Predator (from Predator)

5. Choose a planet:

a. Mars
b. Saturn
c. Mercury
d. Neptune

6. Pick a co-pilot for an interstellar mission:

a. Moses (Attack the Block)
b. Data (Star Trek)
c. Newt (Aliens)
d. Chewbacca (Star Wars)

7. Select one film from SIFF 2022 to bring with you on a space flight.

a. Linoleum
b. Neptune Frost
c. Maika
d. Alien on Stage

If you answered mostly…

Film Pass

A: You’re paired with the explorer (Film Pass)

With access from preview screenings to a week of virtual, you’re ready to take in as much as you can in 21 days. You’re committed to film and open to take one small step into a theater, one giant leap into the imagination.

Platinum Plus Pass

B: Seek a star gazer (Platinum Plus Pass)

From the observatory, you watch constellations dazzle across the night sky. With a concierge to reserve your seats at screenings, you always have your perfect view of the silver screen.

Secret Fest Pass

C: Link up with a space oddity (Secret Fest Pass)

The depths of space aren’t an infinite void to you—they’re a zone of possibility! You’re ready to let gravity pull you into a new experience with a crew of fellow filmgoers and we’ve got just the pass: access to two super-secret screenings at the Egyptian.

Platinum Pass

D: You’re assigned to the away team (Platinum Pass)

When the space shuttle lands, you’re out the door—and with a Platinum Pass your spot is guaranteed. Your mission: a complete Festival experience with Opening and Closing Night Galas.

  • Date: February 23, 2023
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