FEST24 Photo Gallery

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FEST24 Photo Gallery

June 10, 2024

Photo highlights from the 50th Seattle International Film Festival, held from May 9-19, 2024 at venues across the city.

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Oral History Interviews with the FOOLs 1997-99

May 13, 2024

For the 25th anniversary of the Seattle International Film Festival in 1999, Fool Serious member Doug Ing recorded several oral histories with other FOOLs on Hi-8 video. He recently took the tapes to Victory Studios to have them digitized, and we’ve now made them available on our YouTube.

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Looking Back: The SIFF Archives Are Now Available Online

May 1, 2024

The SIFF Archives are the culmination of nearly two years of compiling, digitizing, and organizing materials from SIFF’s past. You’ll find interactive flipbooks of each Festival’s catalog, photo and video assets, full lists of the feature films that we played each year, and other highlights. Learning about the history of Seattle’s film scene has never been easier, and it’s all publicly available—for researchers and the casually interested alike.

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